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The Amanda Kaufman Show

Aug 24, 2022

This week in our program, Level Up+, I got a fantastic question from a client…


The question stopped me dead in my tracks… I had to record a full-blown FAQ response to it.

So I did!

But then, I didn’t stop there…

I realized that my fierce independence growing up was a major reason that I didn’t achieve as an adult at the same pace that I did as a teenager and young adult when my support systems fell away and I was left to my own devices.

Especially as a “solo-preneur”

For the record, I despise the term “solo-preneur”


Seriously, it’s the worst term in the world…

Because no successful entrepreneur truly operates independently, and neither does any corporate employee or academic.

Humans are a social species.

The whole term “self-made man” or “self-made person” is total garbage.

Even when I was started out at the very beginning of my journey, and I felt the absolute loneliest and scaredest - I was never truly alone.

But I kept thinking of myself as a solo-preneur, like I had to do all this alone, or I was a failure.



And that thinking literally kept me small.


I thought about keeping that FAQ inside my paid program, but this idea seemed too important to keep in there, so I decided to publish it publicly, here on the blog and podcast!


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