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The Amanda Kaufman Show

Apr 8, 2023

In "Using Flexibility To Get True Freedom In A Coaching Business," Amanda Kaufman offers insights on building a successful coaching or consulting business while prioritizing time freedom.

In this episode of "The Amanda Kaufman Show," Amanda Kaufman talks about the importance of flexibility in building a coaching...

Feb 26, 2023

Profitability is an important factor in saving and achieving success in business. W

omen are often conditioned to save, but talking about profitability is often overlooked. Finding the right balance between profitability and a passion for what you do is important, as there is an emotional cost to being an...

Feb 19, 2023

Amanda Kaufman has rebranded her podcast to focus on high performance, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and motherhood. By embracing technology such as Chat GPT and taking time away to relax, Amanda promotes a lifestyle of success. She demonstrates the importance of working smartly, using examples like wearing...