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The Amanda Kaufman Show

Oct 8, 2023

 The Transformation Behind My Content Creation | Amanda Kaufman 🍵✨

Hey lovely souls! It's Amanda from The Coach's Plaza. Ever felt the weight of wanting to produce content but felt overwhelmed or insecure? In today's podcast, I dive deep into my personal journey with content creation. From those nerve-wracking days...

Sep 24, 2023

Join Amanda Kaufman in this insightful episode as she dives deep into the essence of entrepreneurial challenges and the inevitability of failure.

Explore the dichotomy between having your "Head in the Clouds" while keeping your "Boots on the Ground", the true meaning of being humble, and why a strong network is your...

Jun 25, 2023

So what is this profession really about? And why is it a dream shared by so many, but followed through by so few? Tune in to the show this week for why it's so important to get tuned in for why your business's mission and your vision is so important to you achieving the results you expect.

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Apr 8, 2023

In "Using Flexibility To Get True Freedom In A Coaching Business," Amanda Kaufman offers insights on building a successful coaching or consulting business while prioritizing time freedom.

In this episode of "The Amanda Kaufman Show," Amanda Kaufman talks about the importance of flexibility in building a coaching...

Feb 26, 2023

Profitability is an important factor in saving and achieving success in business. W

omen are often conditioned to save, but talking about profitability is often overlooked. Finding the right balance between profitability and a passion for what you do is important, as there is an emotional cost to being an...