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The Amanda Kaufman Show

Jun 25, 2021

Your coaching won’t be the magical answer to everyone’s problems, and it certainly won’t be a challenge-free journey to discovering what you have to offer the world… But once the time and research have been put into discovering the common denominator, your offer can become an irresistible solution!

Today Amanda...

Jun 18, 2021

Selling coaching shouldn’t feel sleazy, it shouldn’t feel gross, and it doesn’t have to be sneaky or anything like that. It can be sincere and above board.

Today Amanda and Chris are breaking down exactly why people invest in life and executive coaching and how you can use predictable sales systems to consistently...

Jun 11, 2021

Anyone can become a high-performing CEO coach with the right mindset and tools! You have to know when to put your emotions to the side, focus on the data-driven results, and let those results guide you to better decision making to drive the needle to success.

Time and focus seem to be the popular big issues that a lot of...

Jun 4, 2021

Money is NOT the root of all evil.

Evil is the root of all evil. ;) Money is completely neutral.

So often, coaches go into the industry with great intentions to have a positive impact on others, and do not address one of the most important aspects of their own fulfillment and happiness…


Financial abundance...