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The Amanda Kaufman Show

Sep 3, 2021

This week we mixed things up a bit in The Coach’s Plaza FB group and we had a LIVE down-to-earth interview about how Ms. W did it…

And by “did it” we mean she got 25 clients and filled 3 group coaching pods without posting to social media multiple times a day, running ads, or even hosting webinars!

This week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show is a little different than how we usually do it, but you’ll be thrilled to catch this discussion with a REAL entrepreneur coach that owns her stuff.

She was able to build a multi-6-figure coaching practice that allowed her to quit her old job to be a full-time Certified High-Performance Coach in her own business.

We’re covering how Ms. W’s mindset changed since the beginning of her coaching journey, how she had to learn how to say “no” when her coaching practice snowballed into something she never imagined, and what it was she learned from The Coaching Biz Accelerator Program that made the difference!

There are some amazing tips and insights on how to maintain a strong, goal-oriented coaching business, so don’t miss out on this inspiring interview in this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show.

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