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The Amanda Kaufman Show

Jan 10, 2021

Can you really have it all without doing it all yourself, perfectly? Of course.


It’s not a secret that achieving balance in life is part of happiness… but what subconscious beliefs do you perhaps have that are preventing you from accessing your fullest potential as a human, a family member, a business owner?


In this special episode we took an excerpt from our fire presentation, The Planning Extravaganza, where we were talking about the true nature of achieving balance when you have a lot of priorities.


Clarity about what’s important to you, and the willingness to “be that weirdo” as you approach solving the dilemma of not enough hours in the week for everything is critical if you’re going to build a sustainable and enjoyable business, and it’s not talked about enough in business.


Often it’s about how many leads you can get, how many sales you can close… and as I write this I’m trying to think of a task in your business that doesn’t benefit from you being much clearer-headed, conscious, supported, and higher performing. 

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